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Para todos aquellos fanáticos del windsurf en México, aquí les dejo esta publicación que aparece actualmente en la pagina oficial de la clase 
Donde se da a conocer un poco del windsurf mexicano y para que no piense que en este país no todos pateamos la pelotita y mal.

Gracias a Ceri Williams IWA y Techno Class.


Where in the World . . . ?

Posted On: 17/02/2008 14:00:39
Where in the world do you live and compete in the Techno293 class?

We want to hear from YOU!

Here in the IWA Office we have just received info about an event in Mexico and the organisation behind it:

"We are in Quintana Roo, and we have 3 clubs which are members of the state association. The association created a state tour to select the representatives of the state in the youth/junior national championships.

Until today we have a good number of sailors here but not like in other countries, maybe some day!"
To find out more about "Windsurf Mexico" visit:
Where do you race?